Booking Appointments

Booking an Appointment

To book an appointment please call 01482 853270 or you can now book/cancel your appointments online through System Online. 


Request Your Appointments Online

You will need to have set up an account with the surgery for you to access online booking.  Please pop into surgery and ask at reception.

 If you have an account please click on the image below to login.


Please Remember

One appointment is for one patient. If other members of your family need to see the Doctor, please make a separate appointment.

On average we are having in excess of 50 patients a month who are failing to attend or cancel their appointment. Please note we operate a Did Not Attend policy- if you fail to attend a booked appointment on 4 occasions without cancellation (within 12months) you may be removed from the practice list (please ask a receptionist for details of the policy).

Appointments with a Doctor or Nurse

We will try to accommodate requests for an appointment with the Doctor or Nurse of your choice. If he/she is not available and your problem is urgent, you will be offered an appointment with a Doctor or Nurse on duty at that time.

Surgery access and Downstairs patients

There is suitable access for  disabled patients by ramp.  There is ground floor toilet provision.  There is also a car park behind the Surgery reserved for our patients displaying a disabled sticker/badge.  Please do not use the car park without permission.

Downstairs consultations are very limited so you will need to advise staff on booking your appointment that you need to be seen downstairs as we may need to allocate a certain day for this.

Follow-up Appointments

If the Doctor or Nurse needs to see you again as part of your treatment or diagnosis, then they will give you a follow up appointment slip for you to make your next appointment.

Busy Days

When you telephone for an appointment, if we are very busy we may not be able to see you that day unless your need is urgent. 

Receptionists/Admin team

Our Receptionists/admin team are here to help you get the most out of the services offered in the Practice. Feel free to ask them any questions. They may need to ask you for some information about your problem in order to help. Please be assured that the Receptionists work under a strict code of confidentiality.


If you are seeing a clinician for an examination and wish to have a chaperone present, please ask them and they willl arrange this.

How to get travel vaccinations

We currently only offer the NHS travel vaccinations. For all advice and information regarding foreign travel please ask at reception.

New patients are offered a health check appointment on registering with the practice.

Test results

How to get your test results

On average please allow 5 working days for your blood test results to come back from the hospital unless your doctor has advised otherwise.

Please note that X-rays and Ultrasound results take a little longer, usually 1 - 3 weeks.

MRI results can take slightly longer.

For your test results please call the surgery on 853270 between 2pm-6pm

Sometimes, we cannot always give full results over the phone. If the result is complicated, or if the doctor wants to see you or speak to you about the result, we will offer you an appointment.

For confidentiality reasons we will only give results to the person who has had the test.


Home Visits

Home Visits


We ask all patients to make an effort to attend Surgery rather than request a home visit for the following reasons:


  1. Complete facilities for examination and treatment are available at the Surgery
  2. it takes four times longer to do a home visit, and is therefore not the most economical use of the Doctors' time.


  • However, there are clearly circumstances when a home visit is necessary and we would ask you, where possible, to endeavour to ring before 10 a.m. giving full details. 
  • We are now part of a visiting service, this means the receptionist will need to ask you about your condition so this can be passed to the GP for triage.
  • The doctor may wish to speak with you to see if it would be better for you to come to the surgery to be seen immediately.  
  • On occasions the doctor might pass your visit on to the Emergency Care Practitioner who will assess your needs and contact the surgery accordingly.




Online Booking


As from October 2015 you can now book your GP appointment online

To use the SystmOnline service, you will need to visit the practice and request a user name and password. You cannot register for this service online because your identity needs to be verified. You can however print and complete the form below and bring it into the surgery along with the appropraite ID.

Online Application Form
Patient online leaflet

You will need to take some form of ID with you, ie passport, utility bill etc. Once a member of staff has given you a user name and a random password, wait an hour before trying to log in to the website. Enter your user name and password and click Login. If you have been granted access to other SystmOnline accounts, you will see a list of usernames you can choose to log in as. Click Login As This Person to choose the account you want to use. You will then see the SystmOnline Home Page, which shows your details and your GP practice's contact details at the top.

For any other information please do not hesitate to speak to the surgery.